At Invapay our aim is to make finance more accessible and to make cash flow.

Optal is a London-based company and a strategic partner of Mastercard, processing in excess of $10bn in payments globally. Optal provides end-to-end B2B payment services for sectors including travel, insurance, construction and education.

Optal’s effortless, secure payments process enables highly efficient supplier payments anywhere in the world, using Virtual Account Numbers (VANs). These automatically generated, single-use 16-digit account numbers are safe, secure and convenient. They’re also the cornerstone to the numerous financial benefits the digital payment platform delivers. For more information please visit www.Optal.com.



Invapay is a global company based in the UK, with offices in the Middle East, Far East and Australasia, dedicated to making cash flow.

We wanted to make the impossible possible and create a solution where everyone won, and so Invapay was born.

In April 2017 Invapay was acquired by Optal - the combined business will have a unique, comprehensive B2B payments solution offering.



We were established in 2007 after identifying a gap in the market for a moderniser within the payment and purchasing industry.

Our years of experience and a true understanding of the industry meant we realised there was a need for an innovative platform that would be bigger, bolder and smarter allowing access to finance and the ability to benefit from it.



We facilitate worldwide B2B payments, including FX and cross-border payments through our innovative technology platform.

The Invapay platform maximises and aggregates the value of your available credit lines and generates tangible, long term benefits for both buyers and suppliers.



The benefits of Invapay are long term and tangible:

  • There is no change management needed – all procurement, accounts payable and other processes stay the same
  • Easy auto reconciliation – thanks to rich level 3 transaction data
  • Single method of payment
  • Fully utilises all credit lines and funding sources
  • Potential to extend DPO and generate rebate returns
  • Optimises working capital
  • Increases operational efficiency
  • Cost and time reductions
  • Provides greater business insights and financial compliance, transparency and control

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